The production of the documentary for the ITV English television in Symi has been completed. The screening of the documentary on the old free divers – sponge-fishermen and in the history of Symi and Stathis Hatzis will take place in January 2020.

It was a great honor and a pleasure to present the whole show on Symi’s filming with the much-loved journalist Julia Bradbury as most of the research was based on my book on the History of freediving and Stathis Hatzis and to freedive with Julia for underwater shoots of wild sponges in Symi. A big thank you also to Symiakos Vassilis Tsavaris who not only helped but also used a special traditional wooden sail boat from which he dived with the stone for underwater shooting.

Congratulations to the entire ITV team of 10 people for their top professionalism! Needless to say, the advertising for Greece and Symi reserved by ITV’s team and Julia will have an incredible impact worldwide! We are now anxiously awaiting the first commercial trailers !!!

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