In July 1913 in the official log of the Italian Battleship “Regina Margherita”, the chief doctor of the crew recorded an incredible story about the hiring of a Greek diver – sponge-fisherman, a so-called “naked diver”, as they called those who dived with the stone, without the diving suit, in the Greek sponge-fishing fleet. He was hired to locate and help them raise the anchor of the battleship, which had been lost in the waters of the island of Karpathos, in the Dodecanese, at a depth of 70 to 80 meters.
Dr. Giuseppe Musenko described in the ship’s logbook the events of the three days of freediving by Stathis Hatzis, the top Greek diver they had hired, at depths of up to 88 meters and with incredible breath-holding times of four minutes on each dive.
After more than sixteen such record-breaking dives, Stathis Hatzis had managed to locate the lost anchor, at the bottom of the Wells of Karpathos, tied it and finally helped to raise it again, on the warship.
The writer and biographer of Stathis Hatzis collected facts and historical records, narratives and testimonies, completing them in this book only, where it was necessary, from his own imagination, to write the adventure of a whole life, with endless episodes, such as the life of the legendary freediver…
The book is the author’s script for a movie about Stathis Hatzis and his diving and the proof that it would be nice to watch it one day, as a movie, in the cinema!

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